The Truth is Close

if you want to be free you gotta let it out. get it out. release your emotions.

a femmier time in my life..w/short hair

i feel as if i’ve been all over the spectrum of gender as far as style and fashion goes…

i’ve had long hair…shoulder-length… i shaved my head when i was a senior in high school..that was a fun time. i will see if i can track a picture down.. prob not.. o_O

i’ve had short femmier hair…


isn’t it crazy how make-up completely changes a person’s look. 

i’ve seen it time and time again…  a butch girl gone soft butch to femme.. or vice-versa..

my thought is.. that’s great. who cares. let people be.  i am thoroughly irritated by gays/people who feel the need to criticize other for their dramatic changes in fashion. why is it such a big deal. cliche i know.. but come on.. 21ST CENTURY!!

now i understand if a hetero woman marries an assumed butch hetero man and one day she finds him running around in a dress…they definitely need to talk about it.. especially since he married her as a hetero butch man… but at the same time people do discover things about themselves as time unfolds. we’ve all seen that happen in the media. 

this is me last year posing on my bike downtown. longer curly hair. i obviously can’t make up my mind. i think i’ll stay short again for a while tho. we’ll see. who knows. 

manny is so hard to see (especially with a black couch as the background.)

my pug is manny.

manny sleeps alot. 

i wasn’t going to write anything else but i don’t think the title of your post should be longer than your post.